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The MNPS Health Care Centers can test for and diagnose diabetes. Our board-certified nurse practitioners can also help you manage diabetes by providing follow-up visits, medication, testing supplies, labs and more.


You and your dependents also have access to the following programs to help you get the diabetes support you need. If you’re enrolled in the Certificated Employee Health Plan, there’s no cost. If you have other coverage, we can bill your insurance. Participation is 100% confidential; no personal information is ever shared with MNPS.


Diabetes and nutrition education

Knowing how to eat and/or successfully manage your diabetes can be a puzzle. Now you can meet one-on-one with a certified diabetes educator who will:

  • Teach you how to eat for optimal diabetes management

  • Coach you through self-care, including blood sugar testing, medication dosing, exercise and more


To get started, you need a referral from your primary care provider or endocrinologist. Or the MNPS Health Care Centers can provide a referral; call us at 615-259-8755.


Telehealth with a diabetes specialist

Patients with diabetes can meet face-to-face (via videoconferencing) with Vanderbilt Health’s Tiffanie Marksbury, RN, MSN, DNP.


Call 615-259-8755 and make an in-person appointment at one of the MNPS Health Care Centers; let us know that you’d like to schedule a telehealth visit with Tiffanie. When you arrive, a nurse will help get your telehealth visit started. If lab/blood work is ordered, it can be done while you’re in the clinic.


Group appointments for follow-ups

Available at the Employee Wellness Center, group appointments (also called shared medical appointments, or SMAs, are a unique opportunity to have your follow-up appointments in a group setting, which provides consultation with an endocrinologist, self-management education and peer support all in one visit. To learn more, call 615-259-8755 or complete this brief online form and a representative will contact you with more information.


Vision screenings

People with diabetes are at higher risk for vision problems like retinopathy, so screening is vital. Diabetic eye exams are available at the MNPS Health Care Centers. Images are then reviewed by an ophthalmologist. If signs of retinopathy are found, we will contact you to discuss next steps. This screening does not replace regular eye exams, provide a glasses/contacts prescription or test for glaucoma.


Call 615-259-8755 to schedule a screening. You must have been diagnosed with diabetes and had no retinopathy screening in the last year.


Personal health coaching

There’s nothing better than receiving advice that’s specific to your needs. With health coach Bobbi Nickel, that’s exactly what you get. There’s no one-size-fits-all in her approach. She provides confidential, personalized help when you want to lose weight, improve your eating habits, quit smoking, manage a chronic health condition (like diabetes, heart or respiratory disease or obesity), set goals or make other health improvements. To make an appointment with Bobbi, call 615-259-8755.


Fitness associates

The Employee Wellness Center at Berry Hill offers in-person and virtual fitness classes. Just getting started? Our fitness associates can personalize an exercise routine for you. Click for more details.

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