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He lost 50 pounds!

“My doctor is doing backflips over how well I’m doing.”

If you ask Ken Swann how he lost weight, he’s quick to credit MNPS Care Coordinator Bobbi Nickel. After working with her just since February, Ken is down an astonishing 50 pounds, and his primary care physician (PCP) has taken him off all but two of his five medications. His future goals include losing another 15 pounds and getting off the remaining medications. Not surprisingly, his PCP is “doing backflips over how well I’m doing,” Ken says.


When Ken first learned about Care Coordinator services, he made an appointment to see Bobbi. During that initial hour-long meeting, she talked about healthy eating, and how important it is for Ken, who has diabetes, to understand the truth about carbohydrates and sugar.


“She explained there’s good carbs and bad carbs,” Ken says. “Fruits are good carbs, and breads are bad carbs. So I basically cut out those bad carbs and really watch my sugar intake. Every time I meet with her, we discuss different options and I learn something new.”


While nutrition plays an important role in his weight loss, Ken knew he needed to do more. That’s where the Employee Wellness Center came in, along with its access to personal fitness associates.


“After I had lost a little weight and I knew the Wellness Center was available, I talked about it with Bobbi, then went and signed up,” he says. “They’re very knowledgeable and helpful. They developed a program for me to follow and I’ve been doing it ever since. I work out there at least twice a week, and then I walk all the other days.”


Ken’s trainer, Samantha, helps him build his core strength by using free weights and workout equipment, and he takes advantage of the walking track.  


“There’s no cost for all these services — Bobbi, the Wellness Center, the fitness associates  — which can add up to several hundred dollars a month for somebody to do it on their own,” he says.


When asked how he stays motivated, Ken says, “We all know what we’re supposed to do. We all know we should eat right and exercise, but for me, it’s being accountable to someone like Bobbi. She’s never judgmental and is always very positive and uplifting.”


He’s now sharing his success story — and showing off his old way-too-big-now pants — with attendees in the wellness classes Bobbi teaches. He’s also coined a new phrase.


“I’m a triple B — Body by Bobbi!” he says.


Ken’s lifestyle changes have had a positive effect on more than his own health. His wife, Carol, has lost 18 pounds since he started his journey.


* Certificated retirees and their spouses/partners can use the fitness center at no cost. Clinical services are provided at no out-of-pocket cost when covered by the MNPS Cigna medical plan or Surround plan. Medicare rules required that Cigna-HealthSpring members pay their regular copay amounts.

Ken Swann

Ken Swann 

Spouse of MNPS employee

Eat to lose

It may seem counterintuitive, but to achieve lasting weight loss, you have to eat.


Ken lost 50 pounds, in part because he made some simple nutritional changes. Those include eating several small meals each day, even if it’s just a handful of nuts, which keeps his body fueled and his energy levels high. Ken’s typical breakfast consists of bacon, eggs, fresh fruit and coffee. Then he has a midmorning snack, which is usually a protein bar. For lunch, he has a salad or vegetables like carrots or celery, and hummus. Dinner includes more fresh vegetables and lean meat like pork, chicken or fish. 

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