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District Wellness Center Keeps Teachers Healthy and Happy​

4-part series on how school systems are building a supportive work environment  

By Lisa Stark 




Nashville elementary school teachers Megan Hollis and Alexis Scott have run one half-marathon and are training for a second. They credit the district’s new Employee Wellness Center for making that possible. The Center, opened this school year by Metro Nashville Public Schools, offers employees a free gym, fitness classes, and personal trainers. It’s also a one-stop shop for medical needs—with a health clinic, a pharmacy, physical therapy, and psychological counseling. 


This is the latest health-care offering from the district, which already had converted classroom portables into onsite medical clinics at five of its schools. A study by the RAND Corporation found school-based clinics could lower health-care costs for districts, and slightly reduce teacher absences. 


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