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Dear MNPS employee:

MNPS Employee Benefits has collaborated with Coordinated School Health to remind you of all the benefits, programs and services MNPS provides to help you nurture your health and well-being. Bookmark this page to keep them handy.

Be proactive

1. Convenient health clinics

The MNPS Health Care Centers are exclusively for you and your family members. They can treat you when you’re sick, serve as your PCP, perform a yearly physical, and provide important preventive screenings and vaccines. 

Address stress

2. EAP counseling

Your GuidanceResources Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provides free counseling and referral services to you and your family members. User Name: MNPS; Password: EAP.


3. Mental Health Resource Guide

This handy guide lists all the mental health resources available to you as an MNPS employee. Here are the guides for certificated employees and support employees.


4. MNPS Health Care Centers

Any of our five locations are a great starting point when you need mental/emotional health support. Additionally, the behavioral health providers at the MNPS Employee Wellness Center are available for in-person or virtual appointments.


5. Self-care resources

Employee Benefits and Student Support Services collaborated to create the MNPS Employee Self-Care site, a one-stop shop for adult self-care resources. 

6. Professional development

Learn how to practice self-care, improve balance and flexibility through yoga, and explore self-awareness and social/emotional learning for teachers. Visit HCM Learning.

Move your body

7. Employee fitness center

The fitness facility in the MNPS Employee Wellness Center at Berry Hill is completely free for you and your spouse. You have access to classes, coaching, weights, a walking track and more.


8. Personal fitness coaching

Want one-on-one help getting started or taking your fitness to the next level? Fitness associates at the Employee Wellness Center are available to you and your spouse at no cost. 


9. Employee fitness discounts

Organizations around Nashville offer fitness discounts to MNPS employees.

Manage your money

10. Financial management

Need some help getting a solid plan? Your GuidanceResources EAP is the best place to start. It can help with taxes, debt, hardships, mortgages, long-term financial planning and much more. User Name: MNPS; Password: EAP.


11. Low-cost estate planning

Need a will, living will or financial power of attorney? Your GuidanceResources EAP makes estate planning easy. Create legal documents for a low cost, or learn more for free.


12. Retirement benefits

Your MNPS retirement benefits can put you on the path to security when your workdays are behind you. Learn more as a certificated employee or support employee.

Know your benefits

13. Rich benefits

MNPS believes that investing in employees is the best way to help them thrive, both personally and professionally. There’s a good chance you know about some — but not all — of the benefits available to you. Take a look!

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