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The MNPS Employee & Family Health Care Centers are forming a Patient Advisory Group.


It will be composed of 15-20 employees, retirees and family members who have received care at our clinics in the last two years and wish to help:

  • Improve patient satisfaction and quality of care 

  • Promote transparency and encourage open communication and collaboration between patients and clinic staff  

  • Provide a formal mechanism for patients to offer input to better enable clinic staff to work toward realistic solutions 

The group welcomes all individuals and strives to include people with diverse backgrounds to represent a variety of healthcare issues, diagnoses and cultures.

Members will meet every 2-3 months to work with clinic leadership on patient needs and clinic priorities.

Would you like to serve or nominate a colleague for membership? Complete this brief online form.


Be sure the nominee:

  • Has used clinic services in the past two years

  • Has time to contribute to the group (e.g., attending meetings)

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