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Operations changes at the Employee Wellness Center

  • The clinic at Berry Hill/Bransford is now seeing sick patients throughout the day instead of only in the afternoon. A different provider and nurse team will be dedicated to sick visits each day, so you may not see your usual provider.

  • Sick patients will check in at the front desk. You may be asked to wait in your car if an exam room is not available; a nurse will call when a room is ready.

  • Well care will also be scheduled throughout the day, allowing for after-school appointments.

  • Chiropractic and physical therapy patients can check in/out through the main lobby.

  • COVID testing is still available by appointment for those with acute symptoms.

Safety remains a top concern. Clinic staff will continue to screen all patients for COVID symptoms, and we ask patients to wear a mask to their appointment. We can supply a mask if needed. Visitors accompanying patients to appointments are still limited to one (if necessary).

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