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These are stressful times. Help is here.

Telehealth counseling is available to you*

It’s called Connect with Karla®

* Employees and adult dependents in the Certificated Employee Health Plan can participate in Connect with Karla® at no cost. All other MNPS employees are also welcome to use these services with their insurance benefits; copays and deductibles may apply.

Other helpful resources:

Employee Assistance Program

  • Free, confidential counseling for stress, anxiety, depression, financial concerns, family or relationship problems, and more

  • Medical plan enrollment not required

  • Certificated employees, call 24/7: 1-888-297-9028, or visit (Company web ID: MNPS)

  • Support employees, call 24/7: 1-844-833-0437, or visit or

Mindfulness apps

Social distancing is challenging us to find new ways to stay emotionally healthy. Check out this flier for 6 great mindfulness apps. Please note that two of them are available exclusively to Cigna members.

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